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Faubourg Brewing Company to Merge with Made By The Water, LLC

Company Headquarters to be Located at Faubourg Brewery in New Orleans East

New Orleans – Faubourg Brewing Company announced today that it has merged with Made By The Water, LLC, a southeast-based company of craft breweries that include Oyster City (Apalachicola, FL), Catawba (Asheville, NC), and Palmetto (Charleston, SC). Made By The Water (MBTW) – a family owned business – will brew and serve beers from each of these breweries at the Faubourg Tap Room located on Jourdan Road, New Orleans East.

Faubourg will continue to brew its full line of products and because of the merger with Made By The Water will increase and strengthen its distribution network. Craft beer drinkers will now be offered the opportunity to enjoy a variety of new craft beer selections from the entire family of Made By The Water breweries at the Faubourg Tap Room as well as the full line of Faubourg products.

“This merger is about making New Orleans the cultural hub of the craft beer industry in the Southeast,” said Gayle Benson, owner of Faubourg Brewing Company. “Our partnership with Made By The Water allows us to grow the Faubourg brand, and bring in a partner that is a leader in building craft beer brands. I pride myself on making New Orleans first, and I think we can bring all of the best in craft beer from these historically strong craft beer areas in the Southeast and make New Orleans the primary focus of the industry. Our goal is to help New Orleans become as well known for its beer as it is for its cuisine and to see the local craft beer industry continue to grow and create quality jobs.”

Made By The Water brings a wealth of geographical and institutional distribution strength to the merger through its craft beer acquisitions that span four cities and nine retail breweries throughout the Southeast.

While their breweries are located in four cities, they boast a distribution of products in North Carolina, South Carolina, Alabama, Florida, Georgia and Tennessee. Made By The Water’s company headquarters will be located at the Faubourg Brewery facility, adding new brewing and manufacturing jobs as well as administrative positons in Human Resources, Finance, Sales, Brand Management, and Marketing.

“We are thrilled to announce this merger of Faubourg Brewing Company with our family of breweries and the relocation of our corporate headquarters to New Orleans,” said Alexi Sekmakas, CEO of Made By The Water.

“We are a family business and we have a shared vision with the Benson management team for growing craft beer in the Southeast. Investing in the community and people is important to us. Gayle Benson has a proven record of community investment and successful business growth, supporting commerce and creating jobs. This makes our partnership a perfect fit.”

The $30 million Faubourg Brewery was built in anticipation to scale in job creation as well as beer production. With this merger, the plan is to be one of the largest craft beer producers in the United States, and the largest in the Southeast. With all of the Faubourg and the Made By The Water brands, the goal is to quickly produce well over 100,000 barrels per year, at the Faubourg brewery in New Orleans East.

Sekmakas added, “We are both like-minded family businesses with a shared culture of innovative creativity and team empowerment. The Faubourg brewery has an incredible lineup of beers who each reflect a piece of what makes New Orleans so special, and will be enthusiastically welcomed by drinkers across North Carolina, Florida, Tennessee and beyond. The Faubourg Brewery in New Orleans East is magnificent, and gives us the opportunity to produce industry leading beers for national distribution. We couldn’t be more excited to join the New Orleans community, and will make sure there’s always a fresh cold beer waiting for our new neighbors.”

Benson noted that the “merger will inevitably mean more jobs and increased economic development and growth in New Orleans East.”

“I was thrilled to hear about this merger,” said Councilman District E Oliver Thomas. “Mrs. Benson has always been committed to the well-being of New Orleans. This is another example of that. Often when companies merge, they leave our city. Not here. Mrs. Benson has brought in a company, that will create new jobs, and bring in new brands that will be made right here in New Orleans. She has found a very strong craft beer family company that has been doing business successfully throughout the Southeast, and has convinced them to relocate their headquarters to New Orleans East, and add beer production and distribution. I love visiting the brewery, and now we will have the best craft beers from all over the Southeast right here in New Orleans East at Faubourg to enjoy. This will be a destination stop and I salute Mrs. Benson and Alexi from Made By The Water.”

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