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City of New Orleans Announces Availability of Request for Qualifications for Lincoln Beach Redevelopment Master Plan

NEW ORLEANS — The City of New Orleans today announced that a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for development of the Lincoln Beach Redevelopment Master Plan is now out for public bid. The purpose of the plan is to provide a safe and accessible site for all, while incorporating the historic character and cultural significance of the site into new features. The plan will propose educational and enrichment opportunities incorporating the historical, cultural and environmental characteristics relevant to the site. The solicitation can be found at

“My administration is thrilled to be moving forward with the revitalization of Lincoln Beach through this request for a Master Plan, with the help of interested, qualified developers in addition to community input,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell. “This significant site has been closed for far too long, and it’ll be a source of great pride and joy once we are able to safely reopen the site for the public. Our city, especially our New Orleans East community, will greatly benefit from having a meeting place with immense natural beauty and potential for events. While we are working on redeveloping the site, we ask all residents to please stay away from Lincoln Beach because several dangers currently exist.”

The City of New Orleans started the redevelopment process in 2021 by retaining an engineer to provide design documents that will be used to solicit bids for the improvement of Lincoln Beach and its infrastructure. Specifically, the ongoing design project has a focus on restoring consistent access to the site through an improved entrance tunnel, re-establishing water/sewer utility service, constructing a permeable parking lot, rehabilitating existing structures, demolishing unsafe structures that cannot be rehabilitated, shoreline protection, beach re-nourishment and rehabilitating paving, where feasible, to improve current site conditions.

As part of this site redevelopment plan, the City of New Orleans is seeking proposals from qualified consulting firms to provide services to the City to develop a Master Plan. The selected consultant will work closely with the City and its various departments in preparing the Lincoln Beach Redevelopment Master Plan that will be deliverable for distribution to the public and approved by the City.

“The initial 30 percent design documents have been finalized and include repairing the existing shelters and perimeter brick wall as well as preliminary plans to re-establish utilities,” said Deputy Chief Administrative Officer for Infrastructure Joe Threat. “Future design documents will include all aspects of infrastructure needed to redevelop the beach and parking lot.”

Potential uses for the redeveloped site include recreation, eco-tourism, education, historic preservation and event space. The new Lincoln Beach will serve as a source of community pride and economic development. The City of New Orleans would like to have this historic area location open back up to the public to provide fair access to high-quality parks, green space and recreational facilities for all residents.

The Master Planning process will facilitate additional public input and engage residents in formulating and implementing a plan that truly belongs to the community. As an initial step towards collaboration with the public, the City participated in New Orleans for Lincoln Beach’s public meetings and design charettes that resulted in the development of the Lincoln Beach Community Vision Report. This report will be included in the City’s Master Plan for redevelopment of Lincoln Beach.

“The New Orleans East Community is looking forward to the RFQ for the restoration of Lincoln Beach being opened for bid,” said Vice President of the Lincoln Beach Community Advisory Committee​ Dawn Hebert. “This process is the beginning of the vision for community members to return this historical beach to a beautiful and enjoyable location for families to visit.”

The City reminds residents that Lincoln Beach is not safe right now. Closed since 1964, structures and facilities have gradually deteriorated over time due to lack of maintenance and a barrage of hurricane impacts, causing unsafe conditions at the site. This site is also inhabited by alligators, venomous snakes and other wildlife. Until we know how we can safely re-introduce Lincoln Beach to New Orleanians, we need residents to steer clear. Crossing the railroad tracks is unsafe and prohibited by federal law. Please don’t risk your health, and that of emergency responders, by climbing over the floodwall and trespassing onto the site.


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