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Orleans Parish Assessor: Income Limit to Qualify for a Special Assessment Level is Now $100,000

NEW ORLEANS — Orleans Parish Assessor Erroll G. Williams is reminding property owners that, starting immediately, all individuals applying for a Special Assessment Level due to age, disability or service in the armed forces should note that the income limit to qualify is now $100,000 a year. If your adjusted gross income is $100,000 or less, you may qualify for a Special Assessment Level.

In November 2020 Louisiana voters approved Constitutional Amendment 6, which raised the income limit to $100,000 for the 2022 tax year and beyond.

A Special Assessment Level, or freeze, locks in the taxable assessment on a homestead exempt property at the time the qualified application is accepted.

“If you’re not sure whether you qualify for a Special Assessment Level – or ‘freeze’ as they’re often called – now is the time to check,” said Assessor Williams. “With the income criteria expanded and the Open Rolls period right around the corner, it’s important for property owners to take full advantage of every tax relief opportunity available. Once the appeal process ends on August 19, your home’s taxable assessment will be set at for the 2022 tax year. You must submit your Special Assessment Level application prior to August 19 to freeze your taxable assessment at the 2021 value.”

The tax rolls will be open for public inspection from July 15, 2021, to August 16, 2021. Assessment appeals and Special Assessment Level applications are due within three business days after the closing of the tax rolls, or August 19, 2021.

You may qualify for a Special Assessment Level if you are:

  • 65 years of age or older (Age Freeze); or
  • permanently totally disabled as determined by federal or state agency (Disability Freeze); or
  • a service-connected disability rating of 50 percent or more by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs; or
  • the surviving spouse of a member of the armed forces or Louisiana National guard who was killed in action, missing in action; or are a prisoner of war for over 90 days; AND
  • you have an adjusted gross income of $100,000 or less.

Special Assessment Level applications are available for download at by clicking the Forms tab on the left then clicking SPA 1 – LA Special Assessments Form (Age Freeze, Disability Freeze).

You may schedule an appointment with a staff member online at or by calling 504.754.8811.


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