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New Orleans Balloon Business Owner heading to Lake Geneva, Wisconsin for Charitable Big Balloon Build in March 2023

Image courtesy of Danielle Detiege.

NEW ORLEANS — Danielle Detiege, owner of NOLA Party Boutique, has been selected as part of a talented team of international Balloon Professionals, tasked with creating a gigantic immersive Balloon World using more than 100,000 balloons all in aid of Inspiration Ministries and Inspired Coffee.

As part of one of the biggest most unique projects for the state of Wisconsin, working as part of the Big Balloon Build team, Danielle will be using the skills she has developed over the last 10 + years, to create larger-than-life animal characters in a gigantic Great Outdoors scene over 10,000 square feet (about twice the area of a basketball court).

This is all in aid of the charities, Inspiration Ministries, and Inspired Coffee. Their mission is to empower people with disabilities to live with greater purpose and achieve their individual best in the thriving environment. They do this by supporting people with a range of disabilities through job training, coaching and mentorship to assist in placement into a fully integrated work setting.

Detiege along with 65 other Balloon Professionals from around the world will be leaving their
businesses for five days to create this incredible project for children and adults with disabilities and help make an impact in the city of Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

The Producer of the event Stuart Davies said, “What an amazing event this is going to be, Danielle
Detiege is going to be part of something so big, something so different, something so exciting; all in support of ‘Inspired Coffee’ demonstrating how the joy of balloons can also make a difference to the lives of so many.”

Detiege is excited to contribute her creativity to help make a difference in the world. Danielle Detiege had been chosen to participate in the 2 previous Big Balloon Builds in 2021 and 2022 and made a difference in the communities of Birmingham, UK (supporting United Way of Free@Last) and Kansas City, MO (helping Operation Breakthrough). And Danielle has been selected as a Team Lead for this Big Balloon Build!

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More information on the Big Balloon Build can be found here

To contact the director of the Big Balloon Build, please call 812-396-0948.

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