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JP Morrell Releases Vision for Crime Reduction & Long-term Public Safety

Morrell is the Only City Council Candidate to Release a Crime Plan

NEW ORLEANS — JP Morrell, candidate for New Orleans City Council At-Large, Div. 2, released a vision for crime reduction and long-term public safety today. “A Safer City For All: Now & Into the Future” lays out a multifaceted approach, focusing on four major objectives:

  1. Create Opportunities for Our Young People & Reduce Juvenile Crime
  2. Reimagine & Restore the NOPD
  3. Disrupt & Prevent Violence
  4. Empower People & Our Communities

“All New Orleanians deserve to feel safe in their neighborhoods. The skyrocketing crime in this city needs to be addressed immediately,” said Morrell, a former public defender, former state senator, criminal justice reform advocate and brother to NOPD officers.

“We know that crime and violence is deeply rooted in broken and biased systems, poverty, and failed policies, and we need a comprehensive strategy to begin turning the tide. This plan, developed in partnership with a broad base of advisors, is a start to a safer New Orleans. It puts forth new, effective strategies to make our neighborhoods – all of them – safer.”


Morrell worked with public safety experts, reform advocates, data analysts, community leaders, victims and the formerly incarcerated over the past several months to gather best practices and innovative ideas to build a safer and more equitable New Orleans.

JP knows we need every community’s input and engagement to make equitable change across our city. All are invited to participate and to help develop ideas for crime reduction strategies. Please send ideas to because leadership begins with listening. JP will continue to work across the city with his volunteer advisory group of experts, advocates, and community leaders to build a safer New Orleans.


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