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New Orleans Film Society Hosts Special LGBTQ+ Film Showcase

NEW ORLEANS – The New Orleans Film Society (NOFS) announced a special LGBTQ+ Film Showcase in celebration of the start of Pride Month that will be held at the Broad Theater from May 29-30 and streaming virtually May 29 – June 2.

This four-film series showcases the diverse and vibrant spectrum of LGBTQ+ stories from around the world. Included in the series are two new films highlighting contemporary issues and LGBTQ+ life today, through both an international and American lens: “Desire Lines”, which premiered at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year, and “Queendom,” which premiered at SXSW.

Alongside these newer works are two classic films: “Tongues Untied” (1989) and “The Watermelon Woman” (1996), both hugely influential in expanding the boundaries of queer cinema and paving the way for greater diversity and representation within the industry. By centering the experiences of Black LGBTQ+ individuals and foregrounding their voices and perspectives, these films helped to create space for more inclusive storytelling and fostered a sense of belonging and empowerment within the queer community. Additionally, their impact extended beyond the realm of cinema, influencing activism, scholarship, and cultural discourse surrounding issues of race, sexuality, and identity.

“By shining a spotlight on LGBTQ+ stories, the series fosters solidarity among viewers, regardless of their own identities,” said Clint Bowie, artistic director of the New Orleans Film Society. “In a world where discrimination and prejudice against LGBTQ+ individuals still persist, these films have the power to spark conversations, inspire activism, and allow us to see more authentic stories of our lives reflected on screen.”

Visit to see the full lineup and to purchase your All Film Pass or individual tickets.
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