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Cleaning Expert Shares HACKS to Make Your Saints Watch Party Stress-Free — Cleanup Wise, At Least

NEW ORLEANS — Football watch parties can be a lot of fun, but it also means a lot of preparation and post-cleanup. Saints fans know quite well you need a good bit of time to recuperate after the game, so picking up from the party often takes a back seat to calming down.

Fortunately, a local cleaning expert has shared hacks that make cleanup quick and easy so you can get back to finding your blood pressure pills.

Serving areas throughout Louisiana, Alabama, and Florida for over 30 years, the owner of Gulf Coast Shimmer N Shine, Noelle Presley, says the easy cleanup lightens your post-party load and lets you truly enjoy the celebration.

“Party cleanup can be rough, especially after an emotionally draining game,” said Presley, who noted she couldn’t remember watching the Saints any other way.

“These tips will help make your game-watching experience more enjoyable and less stressful. Well, excluding fourth quarters maybe.”


  • Find The Locker Room. Create a designated pantry area or closet for all your sports game party supplies so everything is always in one spot and ready to go. Also, keep boxes items come in to reuse for easy storage.
  • Protect Your MVP (most valuable pieces). Put away items such as vases, statues, or anything that could break as well as anything of sentimental or monetary value. There is a higher chance of items like these breaking or accidentally going missing among trash (oops!) in crowded rooms.
  • Run a Zone Scheme. Deploy multiple trash and recycling receptacle locations in all congregating areas so guests always have one nearby for easy disposal and less worry of overflow. Be sure to start with new, empty bags!
  • Deploy Decoys. Use disposable (preferably biodegradable) everything — plates, utensils, cups, table covers — as much as possible. Less washing means less work!
  • Blanket The Offenses. Toss some slipcovers on couches and chairs. Prevent deep spills on the upholstery! It can be expensive to get it cleaned and also replaced!
  • Stop The Runs. The bathroom is one of the most used spaces during any event. To help keep it fresh all game long, light a quality candle and/or leave out a bottle of before-you-go toilet spray on top of the tank for guests to eliminate odors and prevent them from invading the air. Using antibacterial wipes, do a quick wipe of the counter, sink, and toilet. Be sure to leave some wipes out for guests to help maintain the bathroom.
  • Create a Game Day Lineup. Put a few cleaning supplies visible in a box, ready to go at any point during the party. Hosting a party can be a team effort; so let your guests help out if they see a spilled drink or chips. Be sure to include a solution of white vinegar, dish soap, and water in a spray bottle — just in case.

Game Time

  • Run Interference. Place paper towels or moist towelettes within arm’s reach so guests can easily wipe oily, dirty hands, and mouths, reducing the chance stains end up on your furniture.
  • Use Timeouts to Your Advantage. When a team takes a timeout, it’s halftime, or the game stops for any reason, do a quick wipe-down of open horizontal surfaces in the congregated areas
  • Get in Prevent Defense. Fill the sink with very hot soapy water and every time you do happen to get a dirty dish, drop it in and let it soak asap. This will allow you to load the dishwasher quickly and easily at the end of the game.


  • Give Out Game Balls. Have a few disposable containers ready to hand out any extra wings, pizza, finger sandwiches, or nachos to guests before they leave.
  • Make The Big Tackle. Floors should be the absolute last thing on your cleaning list. As you wipe off counters, wash dishes, and generally pick up, the floors will continue to take a beating. Wait until everything else is done before you bring out the broom, vacuum, and mop.
  • Take a Victory Lap. Do a quick walkthrough to look everything over, wipe down used surfaces, put back anything removed earlier, and kick back. Enjoy this win, but remember it’s a long season. Matchups against Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s are on the schedule.

“Imagine being a player concentrating on blind-siding another player instead of on the game itself. You get ejected and miss the game. Don’t be that guy. Let us handle the scrum. You concentrate on the game,” Presley said.

Anytime you open your home to guests, you also commit to cleaning your house from top to bottom. If you need help shaping up your space ahead of the party, hire a local cleaning service to take care of the cleaning tasks for you.

The Superhome Special. If you would rather spend time with friends and family than worry about the building mess, Gulf Coast Shimmer N Shine can help. GCSS is offering a $99 cleanup special for up to 5 rooms to help get your house back on track for the week ahead. Visit for details and to reserve your cleaning crew.

Gulf Coast Shimmer N Shine offers residential and commercial cleaning, maid, handyman, and janitorial services, and more. As a locally owned and operated company with over 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry, GCSS is the premier professional cleaning service along the Gulf Coast serving numerous cities in Alabama, Florida, and Louisiana.


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