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Therapists Step Up to Help Healthcare Workers Struggling with Mental Health During COVID Pandemic

Maison Vie New Orleans Therapy and Counseling is offering a free 90-minute session to healthcare workers and their families in the local area who may have experienced difficulties or disconnection during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The pandemic has placed tremendous psychological distress on healthcare workers who are exposed to high-demand settings for long hours, living in constant fear of disease exposure while separated from family, and facing social stigmatization while battling the virus on the front lines.

In addition to the physical risk, the World Health Organization said a recent review* of healthcare workers found one in four experiencing depression and anxiety during the outbreak, and one in three suffering insomnia. This impact on our healthcare workers also may affect their families as well with various concerns such as marital tension, behavioral changes, and academic problems.

“It’s hard for healthcare workers to think about themselves in times like this, but self-care is absolutely vital — you can’t take care of others if you don’t care of yourself,” Maison Vie founder and therapist Susan Harrington said. “Everyone needs to step back every so often from the stresses of daily life so they can honestly, truly see everything going on.”

The no-cost session will provide structured support where healthcare workers and their families can openly address their unique difficulties associated with adjustment as they give so much time and energy to our community’s recovery.

Healthcare workers and their families will be paired with a therapist who will guide them from establishing their unique family goal to action steps that the family can start immediately. The free session will last for 90 minutes. If additional sessions are requested or needed, appointments will be available at reduced rates.

“Some people don’t like asking for help or aren’t used to doing so, especially those who commit their lives to help others,” Harrington said. “Healthcare workers often can struggle to address mental health issues, but these sessions are specifically designed to help them and their families find paths to living happy, healthy lives.”

The sessions, which are available in person or online, are available for scheduling through the end of 2020. Families of healthcare workers can call (504) 452-5937, email or visit to schedule a session.


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