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Ochsner Eat Fit Brings Sophistication to Zero-Proof Cocktails

This second book from Ochsner Eat Fit features 50+ elegant drink recipes to elevate the zero-proof mixology game

NEW ORLEANSOchsner Eat Fit and Pelican Publishing together announce the release of Craft: The Eat Fit Guide to Zero Proof Cocktails. This latest book from author Molly Kimball, registered dietitian and nutrition journalist, will be available for purchase on September 19. In collaboration with bar expert Ethan Skaggs and executive editor Melanie Warner Spencer (a staff editor at of Renaissance Publishing), and with input from dozens of Ochsner Eat Fit restaurant partners, Craft allows readers to explore the fast-growing world of zero-proof cocktails through elegant recipes that can be made at home. Craft: The Eat Fit Guide to Zero-Proof Cocktails features more than 50 recipes, along with recommendations for barware and everything needed to create thoughtful, zero-proof cocktails.

Inside Craft:

  • 50+ cocktail recipes inspired by talented bar staff at dozens of Ochsner Eat Fit restaurant partners.
  • Well-balanced and sophisticated concoctions, designed to be enjoyable and keep sugar intake in check.
  • A unique glimpse behind the art and science of developing elegant zero-proof cocktails.
  • Every home mixologist’s guide to barware, bitters, glassware, and much more.

“We’re past the days of fruity, sugary drinks traditionally known as mocktails. Through Craft, we are proposing to retire the term mocktail, which falls short in describing a thoughtful, elegant cocktail,” said Molly Kimball,  registered dietitian and founder of Ochsner Eat FIt. “Craft gives the reader a fun and exciting venture beyond simple spritzers and outdated mocktails, to create beautiful alcohol-free drinks with little to no sugar. We were inspired by the artistry of our Eat Fit partners and by the commitment of thousands of health-conscious individuals that have participated in Alcohol-Free for 40 over the years. Craft is fun, well-balanced, and sophisticated.”

“New Orleans is known for festivals, parades, crawfish boils, and parties where alcohol is simply part of the norm.” said Kimball. “When someone is choosing not to drink, however, whatever the reason may be, Craft provides seamless alternatives. We can create remarkable cocktails using zero-proof spirits, fresh herbs, and alternatives to sugar that will be enjoyable to even the savviest cocktail connoisseur. ”Craft: The Eat Fit Guide to Zero-Proof Cocktails will be available for sale online at and various retailers across the state. Visit the website to find a store near you.

Craft: The Eat Fit Guide to Zero Proof Cocktails is available for preorder at Barnes & Noble and

Interviews and photos are available upon request. Contact: Hope Frugé

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Pelican Publishing, an imprint of Arcadia Publishing (

ISBN: 978-1455626908
Publication date: September 19, 2022
162 pages


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