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“Doctors of the Future” Launch Health and Wellness Program

NEW ORLEANS – Combine a pediatrician, a licensed professional counselor and a desire to spend more meaningful time with their patients and you may end up finding the doctors of the future.

“Many of our patients have called us just that,” said pediatrician Dr. Lauren Hernandez. “This is an exciting and innovative opportunity to guide people on a health journey they didn’t know they needed.”

Hernandez, who is a co-owner of Sprout Pediatrics in Metairie, had been looking for a way to connect with patients on a deeper, more complete, level. Enter her sister-in-law, Dr. Laura Hernandez, who is a licensed professional counselor. Between the two of them, the program they’d create would be a “playbook” for health, nutrition and wellness, centered on the gut-brain connection.

“A few years ago, while collaborating on patient care we started noticing a common theme,” said Dr. Laura Hernandez, owner of Be Well NOLA Counseling in New Orleans. “Those who reported having emotional struggles often had issues with poor nutrition and eating habits. The more we learned and experienced clinically in our day-to-day practices, the more we realized there is a vital connection between physical and mental health.”

Connect the Docs, the result of years of brainstorming, is a program that brings the doctors together to offer the expertise that patients need most. Membership, available for purchase by the month, six months or annually, covers 24/7 access, more than 30 “connections” to help implement the recommended changes, live webinars, Q&A forums,  content focusing on the gut-brain connection, a journal for kids, more than 400 hand-picked food swaps, grocery lists, dinner ideas, healthy snack options, recipes and more.

“Studies show that your gut’s health directly impacts your emotional well-being,” Dr. Lauren Hernandez said. “Combining our expertise in the medical and mental health fields, our goal is to help you leverage that connection, leading to a truly well-balanced life.”

After going through a beta testing period, Connect the Docs officially launched Jan. 1 and is now available at Free content can also be found on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok at @connectthedocswellness.


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