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Mayor Cantrell Swears in Anne Kirkpatrick as Interim NOPD Superintendent

NEW ORLEANS — Mayor LaToya Cantrell today officially swore in Anne Kirkpatrick as Interim Superintendent of the New Orleans Police Department (NOPD).

“It is my esteemed pleasure to swear in Anne Kirkpatrick as the Interim Superintendent for the New Orleans Police Department as we await the City Council confirmation hearing process,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell. “Having served in multiple leadership capacities across several municipalities nationwide, Kirkpatrick’s expertise, fearlessness and dedication to public safety has proven that she is a true leader and trailblazer and is the right choice to lead our world-class police department. I know that she will give this department, and this city as a whole, her very best every single day as we continue to prioritize the safety and well-being of our residents and visitors. I, along with the people of the City of New Orleans, have nothing but the utmost gratitude to Michelle Woodfork for her public service and steady leadership in her interim capacity. I look forward to her continued leadership, and that of Interim Kirkpatrick, as we work together to continue to strengthen the City’s unified public safety command.”

A Memphis, Tenn. native, Interim Superintendent Kirkpatrick has a proven track record across a diverse number of jurisdictions for transforming police departments and reducing violent crime. Kirkpatrick most recently served as Chief of Police in Oakland. Prior to her tenure in Oakland, Kirkpatrick served as Bureau Chief in Chicago, where she was the liaison to the Department of Justice (DOJ) while the Chicago Police Department was under investigation for patterns and practice of civil rights violations, resulting in a consent decree. Kirkpatrick also served as Chief of Police in the cities of Ellensburg, Federal Way and Spokane, all in the State of Washington, as well as serving as Undersheriff of the King County Sheriff’s Office. In addition to executive leadership experience, Kirkpatrick is a National Instructor for the FBI’s Law Enforcement Executive Association’s Leadership Training Program, where she instructs on topics including, but not limited to, Bias and Diversity, Emotional Intelligence and Leading Generations.

“I would like to thank Mayor Cantrell for having the confidence in me to lead the New Orleans Police Department,” said Interim NOPD Superintendent Kirkpatrick. “NOPD is a model police department for other law enforcement agencies across the country. I am honored to join the men and women of the New Orleans Police Department and continue the progress that has been made under the leadership of Interim Superintendent Michelle Woodfork in crime reduction, recruitment and retention, as well as the advancement that has been made in bringing the department in compliance with the consent decree and moving it to the self-monitoring phase. I am especially looking forward to meeting the people and visiting the neighborhoods of New Orleans. An important tool in our public safety efforts is community engagement. This means actively seeking input from residents, business owners and community organizations to understand their concerns and needs. I am honored to lead this department, and I look forward to working with residents and public safety partners to ensure a safe and protected city.”

“I am beyond excited to have Kirkpatrick officially join the ranks of NOPD in this interim role,” said Director of Public Safety Chief John Thomas. “Interim Superintendent Kirkpatrick brings over 35 years of law enforcement experience to New Orleans, and I have the utmost faith that under her leadership, NOPD will continue on its positive path to reducing crime and keeping our people safe.”

“Today marks the beginning of an exciting opportunity for the City of New Orleans to build positive momentum to transform public safety in our city,” said Office of Criminal Justice Coordination Commissioner Tenisha Stevens. “Anne Kirkpatrick brings exceptional experience and innovative leadership to the New Orleans Police Department, and I look forward to supporting her in her role as Interim Superintendent.”

“On behalf of New Orleans Emergency Medical Services (NOEMS), I would like to extend a warm welcome to Interim Superintendent Kirkpatrick,” said NOEMS Director Dr. Meg Marino. “We look forward to working with her. I would like to thank Interim Superintendent Woodfork for her help and support over the last several months. Together, we will continue to improve the health and safety of the residents and visitors of New Orleans.”

“On behalf of the New Orleans Fire Department (NOFD), I would like to congratulate Anne Kirkpatrick on her appointment as Interim Superintendent for the New Orleans Police Department,” said NOFD Chief Roman Nelson. “Her experience and knowledge will be a valuable addition to the City’s public safety team. I would also like to thank and commend the former Interim Superintendent Michelle Woodfork for her service to the community, her leadership during unprecedented times and her continued commitment to the NOPD and the people of New Orleans.”

“I, and the agency, look forward to continuing our excellent relationship with the New Orleans Police Department and eagerly anticipate continuing a strong partnership with the department under Interim Chief Kirkpatrick’s leadership,” said Orleans Parish Communication District Interim Director Karl Fasold. “We’d also like to express our appreciation and admiration for Michelle Woodfork as she concludes her term as Interim Superintendent. She has been a joy to work with, and we look forward to continuing this partnership as she maintains a critical role with the NOPD.”

Now that Mayor Cantrell has sworn in Kirkpatrick as Interim Superintendent, the administration looks forward to the City Council confirmation hearing, as required by the Home Rule Charter.


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