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Mayor Cantrell Announces Start of ‘Mow to Own’ Program

NEW ORLEANS — Mayor Cantrell, working in coordination with the Department of Code Enforcement and the Bureau of Treasury, today announced the start of the City’s Mow to Own Program. Effective today, Friday, April 16, 2021, responsible neighbors can help the City eradicate overgrown vacant lots through the Mow to Own Program, Good Neighbor Opportunity Program.

When vacant lots are adjudicated to the City and also regularly in poor condition due to overgrown grass, debris, or lack of maintenance, a limited number of such parcels will be made available to the public through the Mow to Own Program. The program offers neighbors who own property adjacent to a blighted lot the opportunity to apply to take care of and eventually purchase such vacant lots.

The new program allows residents to use the blighted property next door to expand the boundaries of one’s yard or potentially expand the structure of one’s home, depending on the specific zoning and land use regulations for that property.

“I was proud of my role to pass the ordinance for this program as a City Councilmember, and to help get this program off the ground as mayor. This is another tool to fight blight and build transferable wealth for residents in their neighborhood. Further, this program is a win-win for the City of New Orleans because it helps remove eyesore properties that reduce residents’ quality of life as well as reducing the resources the City needs to maintain blighted lots. This is a long time coming!” said Mayor Cantrell. 

[APPLY: Mow to Own website]

Applicants to the program must own and reside in the property adjacent to the adjudicated property that shares a common street frontage. Applicants to the program must agree to maintain the property for at least one year. Applicants to the program must be in good standing with the City on all owned property in Orleans Parish. The price of the adjudicated lot will be the assessed value minus $875 which represents the cost of maintaining the vacant lot for one year. A $650 deposit will be required with submission of the purchase agreement after approval of the application.

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