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City’s Bureau of Purchashing Requests Information to Develop Supplier Emergency Resource Directory

NEW ORLEANS — On May 14, the City of New Orleans Bureau of Purchasing released a Request For Information No. 1261 (RFI) for suppliers registered in BRASS and potential suppliers to complete an Emergency Resource Directory questionnaire. The responses will assist the City in creating an Emergency Resource Directory of suppliers registered in BRASS that can provide goods and/or services during an emergency event.

During a declared catastrophic emergency event, such as a hurricane or flood, the City of New Orleans will activate its emergency procurement process to purchase goods and services. While the City can use its emergency contracts as well as state contracts and other agreements, the City may find itself in need of additional supplier resources.

Growing the supplier portal is critical to help the City provide essential services to the public during emergencies.

The questionnaire is optional and free to any interested suppliers.

Find the questionnaire directly by clicking here or by using the following steps:

  • Visit the City’s BRASS Supplier portal by clicking here.
  • Once on the portal, go to “EVENTS” in the menu and click on “BROWSE OPEN EVENTS.”
  • Enter “1261” as a keyword to search the RFI.
  • When the event comes up, click “VIEW EVENT.” The RFI can be found in the attachment tab.


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