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Sazerac House Explores the Ingredients of the Sazerac Cocktail in Celebration of Sazerac Cocktail Week This June

NEW ORLEANS– A deceptively simple cocktail featuring just five ingredients—sugar, Peychaud’s Bitters, Herbsaint, Sazerac Rye Whiskey and the perfect lemon twist, the Sazerac Cocktail has enchanted visitors and residents of New Orleans for nearly two centuries. In celebration of its longstanding legendary status in New Orleans, the Louisiana State Legislature designated it the official cocktail of New Orleans on June 23, 2008.

This year, the Sazerac House is turning that historic announcement into a series of tastings, flavor explorations and special exhibitions at their location in the heart of New Orleans from June 21 through June 27. In addition, Sazerac is working with Makin’ Groceries with the New Orleans Musicians’ Assistance Foundation and will donate $1.00 for every bottle of Sazerac Rye sold in the state of Louisiana during the month of May and June. During the month of June, the Sazerac House will donate $1.00 for each guest who visits the Sazerac House in person in New Orleans, $1.00 per bottle (of any brand) sold onsite, and 10% of sales of Sazerac Cocktail Week Commemorative items sold online and in-person at the Sazerac House.

“For so many people throughout history, the Sazerac Cocktail has been an iconic symbol of New Orleans in a glass,” said Miguel Solorzano, general manager of the Sazerac House. “During this week of celebration, we showcase the simple ingredients that, alongside time-honored techniques, make the Sazerac Cocktail the ideal way to taste the history of New Orleans.”

In New Orleans, the Sazerac Cocktail is more than just a drink—it is a tradition. In the 1850’s, this simple cocktail was stirred up at the original Sazerac House in the French Quarter of New Orleans. It grew a dedicated following, and thus the beloved drink became a New Orleans institution, now available around the world. The newest iteration of the Sazerac House, a multi-story interactive cocktail experience, opened in 2019. The Sazerac House shares the history of New Orleans as told through its cocktails, and the focus will be on the Sazerac Cocktail for Sazerac Cocktail Week 2021.

Throughout the week, guests will have an enhanced visitor experience featuring special ways to both learn about and sample the individual ingredients of the Sazerac Cocktail, including special experiences for:

  • Sugar

    In the second-floor rum exhibit, a special experience will be added for guests to explore the many forms of sugar, from cane to syrup, cubes and crystals. Sugar farming tools will also be on display, giving guess the opportunity to learn about the inextricable ties between the sugar industry and Louisiana.

  • Peychaud’s Bitters

    In the permanent Apothecary exhibit on the third floor, guests will be transported to an 1860’s era apothecary, designed in the spirit of Antoine Amedee Peychaud’s apothecary where he created Peychaud’s Bitters. They will have a chance to smell and taste ingredients found in Peychaud’s Bitters, the official bitters of the Sazerac Cocktail, and experience an enhanced bitters tasting.

  • Sazerac Rye Whiskey

    In the permanent Distillery exhibit, guests will be walked through the process of making Sazerac Rye Whiskey, learning more about the ingredients and steps to making, aging and bottling Sazerac Rye Whiskey—the official rye whiskey of the Sazerac Cocktail.

  • Herbsaint

    The Herbsaint rinse is a critical step in the construction of the perfect Sazerac Cocktail, and guests will enjoy samples of Herbsaint Frappes, an extremely chilled concoction with Herbsaint and simple syrup, while learning about its history as a New Orleans-made answer to Absinthe.

  • Lemon

    The final touch on a Sazerac Cocktail is a fresh twist of lemon. The citrus oils and spritz of acid open up the cocktail’s flavors, making it feel even more fresh and vibrant. Guests will sip fresh lemonade created with the same lemons used for our Sazerac Cocktail twists and made from a recipe created by Sazerac House cocktail expert Matt Ray.

  • Sazerac Cocktail

    It wouldn’t be a celebration of the Sazerac Cocktail without an opportunity to sample the final product. Guests will have a chance to sample expertly-made Sazerac Cocktails, with a toast to the history and the future of the official cocktail of New Orleans. For those who wish to learn more about how to make a Sazerac Cocktail, the Sazerac House will be hosting a complimentary virtual tasting, complete with step-by-step instructions, on Wednesday, June 23rd.

    To learn more about Sazerac Cocktail Week and to book a visit to Sazerac House, order a Sazerac Cocktail Kit or sign up for the virtual Sazerac Cocktail tasting, please visit


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