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JusTini’s Restaurant Shines Bright with a Star-Studded Summer

NEW ORLEANS – JusTini’s, the iconic New Orleans restaurant, had an eventful summer filled with unforgettable moments and community-driven initiatives that left patrons and guests in awe. From hosting the official wrap and after-party for Essence Fest 2023 to supporting Black Entrepreneur Month and collaborating with BeNola, JusTini’s continues to make its mark in the heart of the city.

Essence Fest 2023 Wrap and After-Party

JusTini’s was honored to be selected as the venue for the official wrap and after-party for Essence Festival 2023. The event drew a crowd of celebrities, influencers, and distinguished guests, including Essence’s CEO, Caroline Wanga, and the esteemed Mayor of New Orleans, LaToya Cantrell. The evening was filled with music, dancing, and a culinary experience like no other, showcasing JusTini’s commitment to excellence in every aspect of hospitality.

Black Entrepreneur Month

Throughout the entire month of August, JusTini’s was dedicated to celebrating Black entrepreneurship and empowerment. Each week featured a unique event highlighting the achievements and contributions of Black entrepreneurs in various industries. These events provided a platform for local Black business owners to network, share their success stories, and inspire others in the community.

BeNola Collaboration

In keeping with its commitment to giving back to the community, JusTini’s collaborated with BeNola, a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Black educators and students in New Orleans. An exclusive event was hosted in support of BeNola’s mission, ensuring that Black children in the city have access to education that creates better outcomes and opportunities. JusTini’s is proud to support organizations like BeNola that make a difference in the lives of New Orleans residents.

Local Recognition and Media Coverage

Since its grand opening, JusTini’s and its owner, Jessica Robinson, have garnered significant attention from local news stations, publications, and EaterNola. The restaurant’s innovative culinary offerings and commitment to community engagement have made it a beloved fixture in the vibrant New Orleans food scene.

Jessica Robinson, the owner of JusTini’s, expressed her gratitude to the community for the overwhelming support, saying, “We are truly honored to have been a part of these incredible events and to have received such positive recognition from our community. JusTini’s is more than just a restaurant; it’s a place where people can come together, celebrate, and make lasting memories. We look forward to continuing to serve our wonderful patrons and giving back to the community that has embraced us so warmly.”

As the summer comes to a close, JusTini’s is excited to embrace the changing seasons and continue its commitment to offering exceptional dining experiences and fostering community connections.

For media inquiries or to learn more about JusTini’s, please contact:

Media Contact:
Name: Tarrion J. Parish
Phone: 832-804-0930

About JusTini’s
JusTini’s is a renowned New Orleans restaurant known for its exquisite culinary offerings, creative cocktails, warm hospitality, and commitment to community engagement. Located in the lively neighborhood of Bywater, JusTini’s provides a unique dining experience that celebrates the rich culture and flavors of New Orleans while supporting local initiatives and organizations. Whether you’re looking for a memorable night out or a place to host a special event, JusTini’s offers an unforgettable experience for all.


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