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Virtual Craft Happy Hour at the Ogden Museum

NEW ORLEANS – Learn to make distinctive Japanese decorative papers to use in your books, seasonal cards, and decorations, or as unique artworks in and of themselves. In this hands-on workshop, we will learn about sekkazome, a dying method to make bright, kaleidoscopic patterns. Also known as orizomegami, this fun and colorful technique can be done at your dining table with a minimum of materials and equipment. Buy two tickets or more, and we will throw in a bottle of wine for local participants!

When: May 4, 6-7 p.m.
Where: Zoom

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Materials & Tools (Not Provided)

-Shallow jars, yogurt cups or other wide-mouthed containers to hold dyes
-Bowl or cup of clean water
-Japanese paper, such as Yasutomo or Sumi-e sketch paper. (You can also try block printing papers, handmade papers or calligraphy papers. Coated Western papers are not recommended.)
-Good quality, water-soluble drawing inks (at least 2-3 colors. Higgins Design inks are an economical beginning option.)
-Clean water
-Newsprint, blotter, or other surfaces upon which to dry wet pages
-Hand towel to wipe your fingers

Optional Tools (Not Provided)

-Brushes for brushing ink onto the paper
-Plastic sheet to protect your work area, if necessary (dyes can bleed through newsprint)
-Plastic sandwich bags
-Rubber gloves


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