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Baldwin & Co. to Host Malcolm Jenkins Book Signing Oct. 12th

NEW ORLEANS – Join Baldwin & Co. as they welcome NFL star Malcolm Jenkins! Hear him talk about his story and answer questions before finishing off the night with a book signing.

This is an exclusive ticketed event. Purchase your tickets here. Each ticket comes with your own personal copy of Malcolm Jenkins’s new book “What Winners Won’t Tell You,” which you can get signed at the end of the night.

As a two-time Super Bowl champion, three-time Pro-Bowler, first round draft pick, and former Jim Thorpe Award recipient, Malcolm Jenkins knows a thing or two about winning.

Over the course of his thirteen-year NFL career, the now retired defensive back’s triumphs extend beyond that on the football field. As a successful entrepreneur he has seen the blossoming of his business ventures with an eponymous company named Malcolm Inc., and a media conglomerate named Listen Up Media. As a philanthropist, he strives to make a positive difference in the lives of young people in underserved communities through The Malcolm Jenkins Foundation. And as the father of two daughters, he understands the challenges of loving his children, and preparing them for an often unkind and hostile world. But for every triumph, there is a tragedy, for every loss, a lesson.

In “What Winners Won’t Tell You,” Jenkins share with readers the insight he’s gained from winning and losing alike. One moment, Jenkins is riding high from being the only NFL Player to have Super Bowl victories against Hall of Fame quarterbacks, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady and then he’s navigating the harrowing low of a divorce from the mother of his children. In another moment he’s advocating for the advances of Black people in America, and then feuding publicly about the direction of this advocacy.

Providing fans and readers alike with an intimate portrayal of life on and off the field, detailed breakdowns of his greatest moments against the games premiere players, and poignant reflections about what it means to straddle the narrow line between victory and defeat, What Winners Won’t Tell You is the best kept secret for those who want to know what it takes to be a champion.

Purchase your tickets here.


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