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NOLA Public Schools Strongly Disagrees with LDOE Decision to Make Quarantines Optional for COVID-19 Exposure Among School Staff and Students

NEW ORLEANS — NOLA-Public Schools and Superintendent Dr. Henderson Lewis, Jr. strongly disagree with the Louisiana Department of Education’s recent decision to allow school districts to disregard quarantines for students exposed to COVID-19 because it will immediately increase the risk of COVID-19 transmittal within school buildings.

As a result, NOLA-PS will continue to follow the data and science-based guidance provided by leading health experts regarding all matters related to this pandemic, including quarantine guidelines.

“The Louisiana Department of Education’s decision flies in the face of the data, the science, and the sound advice of our health and medical advisors when it comes to protecting our students and educators amid the latest surge in this pandemic,” Dr. Lewis said. “We have proven that our approach is effective at keeping COVID-19 out of our schools, and we will stay the course and continue to listen to health experts.”

NOLA-PS’ COVID-19 guidance will continue to reflect the recommendations of the Louisiana Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention regarding all quarantine timelines for those unvaccinated individuals who have come into close contact with an individual who tested positive for COVID-19. The NOLA-PS school community has followed this guidance admirably and our schools continue to be among the safest places for students and staff to be.

Those in our school community can rest assured that NOLA-PS will rely on the guidance and recommendations of our advisors from the LSU School of Public Health, Children’s Hospital of New Orleans, the Louisiana Department of Health and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention as we continue to fight this pandemic.