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Local Author Dr. Bob Claims Cure for Loneliness in New Book “It’s Okay to Answer Yourself!”

NEW ORLEANSNew Orleans native Dr. Tameka Bob – Counselor Educator/Actor/Author,  releases her first self-help book titled IT’S OKAY TO ANSWER YOURSELF: An INTERACTIVE companion to help you thrive through aloneness.  During the Coronavirus pandemic in 2020, Dr. T-Bob found herself in Los Angeles, CA sitting in her studio apartment experiencing crippling feelings of loneliness. She hastily listened to the advice she’d often given to her clients, which was to get up, get dressed, and do something. Her “something” was writing. Dr. T-Bob says, “After ending an engagement, grieving an unsuccessful marriage, and participating in unequally yoked courtships, I understand the journey of loneliness.” This thought-provoking, motivating, powerful, and inspirational manuscript utilizes hurricane analogies, reflective activities, and scriptural references to engage and educate readers. 

As Dr. T-Bob rode the waves through her personal storm of failed relationships and singleness, she gained a particular interest in sharing her wisdom with those who struggle to find shelter through such a season.  Dr. T-Bob is a graduate of McDonogh #35 High School; she earned a Doctor of Philosophy and Master of Education in the discipline of Counseling from the University of New Orleans and Southeastern Louisiana University, along with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology from Northwestern State University. Her christian upbringing, merged with experience in academia and motivational speaking, contributes to her success as a faith-based Counselor Educator. 

People are dealing with dangerous levels of loneliness. And the impact is often more serious than expected. A few side effects of loneliness include suicidal ideation, alcohol and drug abuse, and mental health disorders.  As a native New Orleanian, Dr. T-Bob creatively compares the categories of hurricanes to levels of loneliness. “Hurricanes can cause minimal or catastrophic damage.  Additionally, electricity may fail to function; and in worse case scenarios, there may be loss of life.  Like hurricanes, loneliness and uncertainty can also cause minimal or catastrophic damage. Without the proper social and emotional tools, you may experience the latter.  The level of damage depends on how you equip yourself.”

Others may assume you’re crazy if you talk to yourself, right? But that’s exactly what you must do. But most importantly, ANSWER YOURSELF to combat any negative thoughts.  In this comforting manuscript, Dr. Bob’s wit and transparency is apparent.  She writes, “ During my time of aloneness, I experienced broken friendships, broken family relationships, death, deceit, unemployment, confusion, and doubt about my existence. Therefore, I get it!” IT’S OKAY TO ANSWER YOURSELF is not only a manual for loneliness, but for life.  

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