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Credit Union Grant to Bring Personal Finance Education to Schools

NEW ORLEANS —OnPath Federal Credit Union is partnering with Stukent, a digital simulation and courseware provider, to provide personal finance education for high schools in greater New Orleans. High schools will receive Stukent’s Personal Finance Simulation and Personal Finance Curriculum free for five years.

“We are fulfilling our mission to be financial advocates for our members and the communities we serve,” said OnPath President and CEO Jared Freeman. “Our Stukent partnership is a product of our commitment to find a solution for both educators and students that fills a need while not producing additional burdens onto our schools. This is a turn-key program that we are excited to bring to our area.”

Stukent’s Personal Finance Simulation operates on the principle that experience is the best form of education. High school students will have the opportunity to learn money management and analyze their financial situation, needs, and goals while allowing them to experience realistic consequences for their choices. The simulation asks students to create budgets, pay weekly bills, invest in the stock market, purchase health insurance, apply for loans, and so much more. As a result, students learn how to make smart financial decisions that set them up for lifelong success.

As Louisiana considers adopting a personal finance component for high school graduation requirements, OnPath Federal Credit Union and Stukent are working together to help high school students prepare for their futures today.

“We are so excited to announce this partnership with OnPath. More students need access to financial literacy, and this partnership is going to change the lives of students in the New Orleans area,” says Stuart Draper, CEO, and founder of Stukent.

Stukent has an impressive reputation throughout the academic world. The company offers more than 40 hands-on Simternships, or simulated internships, and turnkey courseware designed with educators in mind. Stukent’s educational materials are used in more than 7,500 institutions worldwide, including Michigan State University, Northwestern University, New York University, and thousands of high schools nationwide.


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