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Officials Celebrate Completion of $43.5M Canal Street Ferry Terminal Project

NEW ORLEANS — On Aug. 28, the RTA celebrated the opening of the new $43.5 million Canal Street Ferry Terminal which better connects the city’s Eastbank and Westbank communities with its modern passenger ferry service between Canal Street and Algier Point.

RTA CEO Lona Hankins was joined by Federal Transit Administrator Nuria Fernandez, U.S. Rep. Troy Carter and other federal, state and local officials for the grand opening ceremony at the new terminal.

With the completion of this redevelopment project, the new terminal replaces the now demolished terminal with a smaller, modern, ADA-compliant terminal and pedestrian bridge. The new terminal creates a seamless Riverfront connecting Audubon Aquarium to Spanish Plaza. The project opens the Riverfront and re-envisions the connectivity between all transit modes to provide safe, reliable connections for riders. Since suspending car ferry service on Canal-Algiers ferry line, the agency focused the design of the terminal towards passenger needs while accommodating the new RTA passenger ferry vessels, RTA1 and RTA2.

The $43.5 million project was made possible with several public funding sources including, $24.3 million in funding from the Federal Transit Administration, as well as $5.9 million from the City of New Orleans, $2 million from the Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development, and $6.5 million from the RTA.

“We thank our federal, local and state partners for their support and commitment as we work to address our aging transit infrastructure. Not only does this project deliver much needed accessibility and rider enhancements, but it will also have a lasting impact on our regional economy, said Hankins. “The new terminal’s $43.5 million project cost is estimated to have garnered $174 million in economic return to our regional economy, including small and disadvantaged businesses.”

“The new Canal Street Terminal will expand how people travel by providing safer, more accessible routes to the ferry,” said Fernandez, who attended the event to highlight the $25 million in federal investment from the U.S. Department of Transportation. “RTA riders are traveling to work, pursuing an education, and connecting with people. We are proud to support RTA’s efforts to modernize to meet the needs of today’s riders.”

“Today, the dream to modernize the Canal Street Ferry Terminal becomes a reality. Making updates to Louisiana’s ferry service is vital to fostering economic growth, promoting tourism, and improving overall connectivity for our state. I am deeply invested in our community’s growth and infrastructure development and recognize the significance of this revitalized terminal for both New Orleans residents and visitors alike. Growing up on the West Bank, the Algiers Ferry was a gateway to the rest of New Orleans. It allowed everyone to experience all the fun our city has to offer. Louisianans deserve reliable transportation that they can count on,” said Carter.

“RTA is a vital part of New Orleans’ infrastructure, with tens of thousands of our residents relying on its services to get around efficiently and effectively,” said Mayor LaToya Cantrell. “A top priority of my administration has remained focused on ensuring transportation access is easily and readily available for all neighborhoods, regardless of the mode, especially for communities that have historically had limited transportation options. We are excited that the completion of this two-year redevelopment project at the Canal Street Ferry Terminal will now allow us to better connect residents and visitors across the Mississippi River. This opening of this new terminal is instrumental in ensuring a world-class transit system for all riders.”

“The new ferry terminal and pedestrian bridge is an historic achievement that provides better and safer accessibility to riders with limited mobility. I can tell you this project is a win for me personally as well as the rest of our fellow passengers,” said Mark Raymond, Jr., Board Chair, New Orleans RTA. “It’s this type of inclusive design that will bring the RTA one step closer to its goal of delivering a fully accessible transit system.”

“The new Canal Street Ferry Terminal represents not only transit connectivity that is safe, modern, and accessible, but it is also a symbol of progress that our community can view with pride,” said Royce Duplessis, State Senator (D-5).

“The Canal Street Terry Terminal provides a vital connection between the communities on either side of the Mississippi River, which in turn improves service for our region’s passengers – including our most vulnerable. Ferry service is near and dear to my work, and as state senator I was proud to help secure $10.5 million in capital and operating funds in the latest Legislative session to avoid a fiscal cliff for our ferry service,” said Gary Carter Jr., State Senator (D-7). “The opening of this terminal is another important step toward modernizing our transit system, and I look forward to being a strong partner with RTA in our next efforts together in this work.”

“Through unwavering dedication and collaboration, the transformation of the Canal Street Ferry Terminal stands as a remarkable testament to progress. As we approach the grand opening, this endeavor symbolizes the power of unity in reshaping transit connectivity. The modern, ADA-compliant terminal and bridge not only redefine convenience for passengers but also rejuvenate the riverfront’s spirit. Our vision has become a reality, thanks to the concerted efforts of all stakeholders. Let us embrace this achievement as a stepping-stone towards a more accessible and interconnected future,” said Alonzo Knox, State Representative (D-93).

“The opening of the new Canal Street Ferry Terminal marks not just a connection between two points, but a bridge between communities, cultures, and possibilities. It symbolizes the vitality of our city, the resilience of its people, and the enduring spirit of exploration. In this simple act of crossing, we transcend boundaries, embrace diversity, and celebrate the shared heritage that unites us all,” said Delisha Boyd, State Representative (D-102).

“The Canal Street Ferry terminal seamlessly connects the Audubon Aquarium to Spanish Plaza. Completed in 2.5 years, this terminal is designed with all passengers in mind, especially those with special needs. With a $43.5 million investment from partners like the FTA, RTA, and City of New Orleans, our Riverfront is now safer and more vibrant,” said Freddie King III, City Councilmember (District C).

“Leading the design and overseeing the construction management of the Canal Street Ferry Terminal has brought immense pride to the entire team at Infinity Engineering Consultants. From beginning to end, this project was truly a team endeavor, as it required specialized expertise in waterfront structural engineering, architectural finesse, landscaping artistry, and dedicated coordination with a multitude of entities,” said Raoul Chauvin, III, P.E. Principal Partner with Infinity Engineering Consultants, LLC. “The Canal Street Ferry stands as an essential centerpiece of the riverfront revitalization. I extend my heartfelt gratitude to the RTA Executive Staff for their dedication in entrusting Infinity Engineering and other esteemed locally owned enterprises to deliver the professional services for this important infrastructure initiative.”

“We are proud to be part of the team that delivered such a pivotal component of infrastructure for this region. We want to commend all of the different parties that worked together from inception to ensure the project’s success. The RTA is a long-term, trusted client and partner and we wish them continued success in improving its services to the communities and the passengers of the region,” said Michael L. Pugh, PE; President and CEO, Royal Engineers & Consultants.


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