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Starship Technologies Launches Robot Food Delivery Service at UNO

NEW ORLEANS — Starship Technologies has introduced its robot food delivery service at the University of New Orleans, providing autonomous on-demand deliveries from various campus eateries. Students and faculty can now use the Starship app to order food and drinks to be delivered within minutes anywhere on campus. The service, which works alongside the student meal plan, aims to make food delivery easy and convenient for the campus community.

Starship Technologies operates a fleet of autonomous robots that use sophisticated machine learning, artificial intelligence, and sensors to navigate sidewalks and avoid obstacles. The robots are capable of crossing streets, climbing curbs, and traveling at night, and can even operate in adverse weather conditions such as rain and snow.

With zero-emission vehicles, the robots have made over 5 million autonomous deliveries worldwide, covering millions of miles and making more than 150,000 road crossings daily. A team of human operators monitors their progress remotely, ensuring safe and efficient operation.

Starship Technologies is already providing its services at Purdue University, James Madison University, the University of Mississippi, and Arizona State University. The company is excited to now be part of New Orleans’ vibrant food culture and looks forward to becoming a favorite among the campus community at the University of New Orleans.


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