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Radical Recycling Robots from New Orleans Startup 2B0 (To Be Zero) Are Coming to Your Home and Office

Image courtesy of 2B0 (To Be Zero).

New Orleans Co-Founded Startup Simplifies Recycling, Making it Fun and Rewarding

  • The 2B0 (To Be Zero) patented recycling robot uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically recognize, sort and process recyclable materials.
  • Consumers can watch their recyclables being ground up, shredded and compressed inside the robot.
  • Consumers are rewarded with incentives for recycling and provided with tips to change their consumption habits.
  • Managing waste directly where it is generated by the consumer is called “micro-waste management”.

NEW ORLEANS — Too much material that can be recycled ends up in landfills. To remedy this urgent, worldwide problem, 2B0 is developing radical recycling robots for homes, offices and retail locations to make recycling simple, fun and rewarding. Consumers simply put their recyclables into the 2B0 IoT (Internet of Things) robot which uses AI to automatically recognize, sort and process the material.

Consumers watch a video screen as items are shredded, ground up and compressed for later pickup by municipalities. Consumers are provided with real-time data showing how much they are reducing their carbon footprint and are also provided with tips and incentives to change their purchasing habits.

“To Be Zero is developing a platform to manage waste where it is generated – from the consumer,” said Stephen Peer, co-founder and CTO of 2B0. “We call this process ‘micro-waste management’. Additionally, our 2B0 robots provide a user experience that is not only enjoyable – it’s addictive!” he added.

The 2B0 recycling robot reduces the need for municipalities to manually sort recyclable material. Weekly pickups can be decreased to monthly pickups which reduces costs. Additional savings are generated since the 2B0 recycling robot preprocesses recyclables and reduces the material volume (as much as 93%).

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