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NexTech Expands Its E-Waste/IT Asset Disposal Services with New Orleans Office

PEARL, MS — NexTech, a Mississippi-based E-Waste/IT Asset Disposal Services company, which provides services to corporations and organizations throughout the Southeast, has expanded its physical presence across its footprint with the establishment of a New Orleans, LA, office.
Regarding the reason for the expansion, NexTech CEO Brad Cohen commented, “The ever-mounting E-Waste problem is driving demand for our E-Waste disposal services. Companies, now more than ever, are seeking out a certified E-Waste partner to guide them through what is quickly becoming a highly regulated industry with enforcement and steep penalties for mismanagement. The fact that we hold the R2V3 industry-leading certification means that our clients are assured of receiving the best practices that meet the standard of care for sustainable and secure IT disposal/E-Waste management. Combine our certification with our commitment to timely and responsive service, and strategic planning to protect our clients against non-approved disposal methods, data breaches, and reputational loss, and we are seeing our client base increase exponentially. The Louisiana territory has been underserved and it was important to us to fill that need with proximity to our main facility means that we can deliver Louisiana companies the best E-Waste Management and data security solutions.”
E-Waste, defined as electronics that have reached end-of-life, is a growing problem across the world. Just in the U.S., millions of tons of E-Waste are discarded each year without using proper methods which results in environmental contamination and data breaches. NexTech addresses this massive environmental and social problem by providing sustainable solutions that permanently destroy data, and recover, reuse, and recycle all discarded electronics.

About NexTech

NexTech delivers a full spectrum of certified, secure, and sustainable IT asset disposal services including data destruction, recover/reuse, and recycling of E-Waste/end-of-life IT equipment. NexTech enables its business partners’ IT end-of-life programs to operate efficiently, contribute positively to global environmental preservation initiatives, protect corporate brand reputation, and protect IT investments. Find more at
Nicholas Meilleur, E-Waste Consultant/Information Security Specialist, (504) 217-2817
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