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LWCC Honors Marucci Sports as a Champion of Louisiana

BATON ROUGE – LWCC is proud to recognize Marucci Sports as its latest Champion of Louisiana. As part of the Louisiana Loyal movement to celebrate and elevate Louisiana, LWCC shines a spotlight on organizations and individuals who share its mission to better Louisiana one business and one worker at a time.

A Champion of Louisiana is a person or group serving out of love for Louisiana, its people, and its future — either by contributing to the local economy or by supporting initiatives that contribute to long-term transformational change. For Marucci Sports, it all started with a dream to create the best and most consistent wood baseball bats in the world.

The company’s story begins in a backyard shed with a flawless piece of maple and a vision — to create a baseball bat built around a deep understanding of players’ needs.

With a commitment to consistency and craftsmanship, they developed a line of high-performance bats now favored by major league players. Today, Marucci Sports is a thriving business that provides a wide variety of job opportunities at its Baton Rouge headquarters.

Marucci understands Louisiana’s commitment to culture and passion for sports, particularly baseball, and remains dedicated to growing the sport among youth through the Marucci World Series, an invitation-only tournament that recently hosted over 140 teams from across the country and South Korea. This local company has become the market leader for America’s favorite pastime.

“I don’t think we could have built Marucci Sports anywhere else outside Baton Rouge or Louisiana,” said Kurt Ainsworth, CEO and Co-Founder of Marucci Sports. “There’s not another state out there that celebrates food, music and the home team like Louisiana does.”

Marucci’s innovative design approach has helped the company develop some of the best products in the world. A reputation for producing high quality goods makes Marucci Sports an attractive employer, one that’s able to recruit top talent from across the country. The company’s success also means they can source and keep more talent in Louisiana, to work in the lab facility and run operations.

“Marucci leads with purpose — revolutionizing both the baseball industry and contributing to Louisiana’s economic prosperity,” said Kristin Wall, LWCC President and CEO. “Their dedication to elevating Louisiana and helping to generate jobs and sports tourism revenue is what makes them an exemplary Champion of Louisiana.”


About LWCC
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