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Louisiana Based Health Food Company Beyond The Equator Announces The Expansion of Their Sample Program To Benefit More Charities

Beyond The Equator, an innovative and forward-thinking natural foods company based in Louisiana is delighted to announce the expansion of its popular sample program. The company, which sells a wide range of superfood products including seed butters, devised a promotion to introduce US consumers to the benefits of seed butter and their innovative ingredients while at the same time raising money for specific charities. 

The promotion was so successful that the management team behind Beyond The Equator decided to expand the program to include more charities while encouraging customers to try out some of their delicious recipes. Customers can now choose to donate their $1 sample purchase price to one of three charities – Charity: Water, Son of a Saint, and FARE. 

“As a company, we are driven by the desire to introduce American consumers to the many benefits of superfoods, and we want to lower the barrier for people to try our products,” said Kevin Bratcher of Beyond The Equator. In our opinion, the American diet does not sufficiently utilize superfoods seeds like chia and flax, our aim was to change that while at the same time helping charities in the process. With our innovative sample program, we can now achieve both of those aims and establish the brand as one of the leading providers of these unique superfood ingredients in the country.”

Beyond The Equator is a locally owned and operated company based in New Orleans, Louisiana. The co-founder of the company Carl, partnered with a talented group of Bolivian farmers to build and grow a farming and exporting company focused primarily on superfoods. However, after ten years, the company evolved into a nutrient-inspired product development venture focused on incorporating these wonderful superfoods into everyday products. One of the world’s healthiest seeds, chia, became the focus of this research and development. 

The company owners saw the amazing benefits of chia firsthand but were frustrated at the lack of food makers using chia. Their goal was to make products that have superior nutritional value and also taste great. Since then, they have expanded their focus from just chia to a number of underutilized, nutrient-dense seeds like flax, hemp, sunflower, and pumpkin. As they develop healthier versions of everyday products, they strive to keep in mind the growing concerns for food allergies and produce products that are as accessible and safe to consume as possible. Beyond the Equator launched in 2017 with 5 Seed Butter as their flagship product. As they grow, they will continue to innovate and offer the healthiest products possible without sacrificing on taste.

To learn more about Beyond The Equator and the services they provide, visit their website at

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